Rescue Me acts as a referral service for pet adoptions, and has facilitated over 1 million adoptions as well as the rehabilitation of all breeds of dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, farm animals, small mammals, reptiles & amphibians, wildlife, and wild birds. Rescue Me has over 2 million registered users with the vast majority of its users in the USA. In order to accomplish its mission, the vast majority of donations made to Rescue Me go to maintaining Rescue Me's infrastructure located at its three major data centers, as well as to the programmers and support companies who facilitate its operation. Rescue Me serves millions of pages each month to hundreds of thousands of its users. Thousands of independent rescue groups and animal shelters depend on Rescue Me for many or most of their adoptions. When selecting specific breeds for donations you will receive a printed and/or email card featuring that breed, and your donation will go into Rescue Me's general fund which assists all breeds. Since Rescue Me's infrastructure goes to helping all breeds, Rescue Me cannot specifically guarantee that your donation goes only to help any specific breed. Since all breeds are helped by Rescue Me's programs, your donation will definitely help the breed you select. As a donor you agree that any donations marked as "restricted" will go into Rescue Me's general fund to support all of Rescue Me's work. While such donations will definitely help any specified breed or aspect of Rescue Me's operation that may be specified by a donor, such support will likely also support other breeds and aspects of Rescue Me's work as well. Donors agree to contact Rescue Me in advance and in writing if a donor wishes to restrict funds of on any donation to a specific cause or aspect of Rescue Me's work beyond the terms outlined here. If the needs under any restricted donations exceed Rescue Me's need for such portion of Rescue Me's work, donor agrees their donation can and will be applied to Rescue Me's general fund. All donations regardless of any "restricted" status are subject to redirection at the discretion of Rescue Me, at its sole discretion. If any funds are donated to Rescue Me as "restricted" donations, and only in cases if contact is made with Rescue Me in advance and in writing, Rescue Me will make a good faith effort to contact such donors (if living) to discuss how donor may like a donation to be used, however, no specific guarantees can be made. If a restricted donation is made within an estate by a deceased donor, Rescue Me will use such funds to the benefit of a specified portion of Rescue Me's operation when possible, otherwise, such donations will be redirected to Rescue Me's general operating fund and such funding decisions shall be made solely at the discretion of Rescue Me.